7 Places that you need to visit in Costa Rica

Our world is full of amazing places and we cannot lead our lives in such places, but one can spend a holiday there. The tastes also differ from person to person for an ideal holiday. That is the reason why so many holiday sites have opened up in the recent year. People do like to take short trips to relax and have a good time. A good environment is a crucial part of the holiday. No one likes to live at a place where there aren’t any proper amenities. If you plan on visiting Costa Rica then you should look into Costa Rica private villa for your accommodation needs. They are nice accommodations that suit everyone. So, let us know a little more about Costa Rica.

About Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a country situated in Central America. It is bordered by a lot of known destinations like the Caribbean Sea, Panama, and Nicaragua. The land area of the place is 51,060 square kilometers and the population is 4.9 million. The largest city present in the country is San José. The country has a nice development throughout all fields.

Currently, it has paid enough attention to the fields of the environment and tourism as well. The country has a rich history of indigenous people and then of Spanish colonization. It has a tropical type of climate and an amazing biodiversity. Catholicism is the main religion practiced in the country followed by Protestantism. The culture of the country is nice and most people are happy. Another good thing about the country is their cuisine which is a blend of North American, Spanish, African and cuisines of other cultures. Almost all of the citizens will be able to talk to you in English. The literacy rate of the country is 97%. Now we will delve into the beautiful places that you can visit in this country.

Where should you go?

While you are arranging a holiday you need to think about some of the places that you will visit. This helps you in making a perfect schedule. So, here are some of the main points that everyone should visit in Costa Rica.

  • Arenal Volcano: If you have never visited a volcano then you should visit this iconic volcanic park that is located about 90 Km from San Jose. The last big eruption was in 1968. You can choose to sit in a viewing point and feel the giant volcano. You will need to spend some money to get into the park. But we can assure you that the place is one of the best natural retreats in Costa Rica.

  • San José: As we said this is the largest city in the country. You cannot miss visiting it because of its culture and beauty. You can start your holiday in Costa Rica from this city as it has ways for all other places. In the city, you will find the colonial buildings. The Jade museum is a nice destination to see some pre-Columbian era artifacts. The best things to do in San Jose is to take the taste of the whole city while you are on foot.

  •    Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve: When you are in Costa Rica, you have to appreciate its diverse biodiversity. This biological reserve is one of the best places where you can see a large portion of the biodiversity. You have to trek through a huge forest but it is worth it. Skywalks or hanging bridges are a huge part of the attraction. The park is open on all days from 7 am to 4 pm.

  • Guanacaste: The popular spots of Costa Rica generally tend to get crowded. To beat that you can travel to this unique place which has amazing secluded beaches. You can also see a contrast between the dry Savannah and the rich rainforests. Rincón de la Vieja National Park is a popular destination in this place because of its hot springs. Other than that you should also visit the Santa Rosa National Park.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park: The size of this national park is quite small, but you will be amazed to see the beaches, natural coves and the thick rainforest present at this place. The beaches have white sand contrasted with the blue hue of the sea. You may also see a lot of monkeys when you are at this place.

  • Puerto Viejo de Talamanca: The culture of a place is quite important. This village is situated in the Caribbean coast of Puerto Rico. The nightlife at the place is amazing because of the high life music, dance, and food. If you love surfing then the Cocles beach is a must-see destination. You can also choose to stay at one of the remote bungalows that make you secluded from the crowd. The black-sand beach is also a nice point for people who want to spend some tranquil times.

  • Nicoya Peninsula: This is an 80 mile stretch of wonderland. It is dotted with sandy beaches and amazing town. The Nosara beach is famous for its powdery sands. Montezuma is a quaint town providing nice accommodation to people. Tourism has evolved in the place and people can enjoy good food and an amazing stay in this Peninsula.

So, here are some of the places that one can visit in Costa Rica. It is a beautiful country that has paid attention to preserve its nature. We as tourists should remain careful to avoid any harm to it. Visit Costa Rica on your next holiday because it has much more to offer than these places. We hope this has helped you in knowing a little about the country.

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